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Wayland 1.0.1 Has Been Released

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  • Wayland 1.0.1 Has Been Released

    Phoronix: Wayland 1.0.1 Has Been Released

    The first point release of Wayland 1.0 is now available for those interested in this next-generation display server environment...

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    Can Weston minimize windows yet?
    Was the window switcher merged?

    Too bad Wayland doesn't run on Nouvoue, at least not for me on my GeForce 8600.


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      "minimize" is being worked on.
      It doesn't run on my GeForce 560 Ti either. Nouveau is the worst one of the 3 big open source drivers for Wayland.


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        Originally posted by asdx
        why nouveau doesn't work with wayland?
        Because the drivers are buggy and not feature-complete.

        If you run Weston on X then it works.
        But if you run Weston on console/DRM then it crashes with garbled screen and you have to restart the computer.


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          I think it's because nouveau is less stable and feature complete (cause they don't have access to docs like Intel & AMD have).
          As the nouveau devs said - they don't really care about making their driver stable in time for a given mesa release, for them it's a constant work in progress: if it works for your card - lucky you, if not - whatever, just wait or file a bug.
          Otherwise Nouveau is fit for Wayland.