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Wayland 1.0 Coming "In A Month Or Two"

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    Hell's gates will open in about 2 months I guess...Knowing Canonical we can expect Ubuntu 13.04 jump on wayland and make it mandatory and probably since 12.10 is coming in about 2 months we can expect even 12.10 to run wayland with about 2 hours of testing from the team.... A sad day indeed it will be, oh God of Wayland have mercy on us, the ones that don't want to reboot after an upgrade and stare into the black abyss of the terminal screen because of incompatible drivers and bugs!
    Ubuntu doesn't compile GTK with the Wayland backend enabled yet.
    nouveau and radeon does not have Xwayland merged in yet.

    Ubuntu 12.10 is in a feature freeze. Wayland is in available in the repository, but will not be installed by default.

    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
    You can move, resize, maximize, unmaximize and close windows.
    However, you can not minimize windows. Minimize functionality is not implemented yet. There is no taskbar.


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      Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
      The worse it is the faster it will be merged seems to be the Canonical philosophy so that's why I'm worried.
      Not really.
      GTK have support for Wayland.
      But Ubuntu did not compile in the support for Wayland in GTK with the --enable-wayland switch.
      I wish they would enable the Wayland backend though since it should not affect the X11 backend.