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Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

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    Originally posted by asdx
    Why there has to be a "primary screen"?
    Where are you going to put your login prompt? Where is the cursor going to be placed initially on a six screen setup?

    Originally posted by asdx
    Why not just have the OS see it as VGA0 (2 displays attached), VGA1 (2 displays attached), VGA2 (2 displays attached).
    The question was: Where in relation to all of the other displays, do you place VGA0[.0/.1] VGA1[.0/.1] VGA2[.0/.1]?

    Originally posted by asdx
    Have KMS "detect" those cards/monitors at boot time (when driver is loaded at boot)
    Which is all of the information I gave you (6 screens on two cards).

    Originally posted by asdx
    set modes/resolution by default/on-the-fly (automatically), and then re-arrange your panels/DE in any way you want (once you are on the DE, and from the DE).
    Okay, so how is it more friendly to me as a user to move my mouse from whatever was determined to be primary display (even if it was miraculously correct) to whatever other display in a yet-to-be-arranged-in-software chaotic labyrinth of mess, than it is to explicitly state this in a file? This still isn't a great solution.

    Some of us actually remember the headaches we've had from using OSes that didn't at least give us the option of simply editing a file instead of having to use their convoluted and ineffective GUIs to manage our systems. It doesn't make anyone here "pathetic" to cringe at the idea of such an important function only having GUI based control buried 5 layers deep in context menus...


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      Originally posted by kazetsukai View Post
      Where are you going to put your login prompt?
      One duplicate on every single screen. PLEASE...


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        Originally posted by asdx
        I don't fucking care if KMS remembers the resolution or not after restart, I don't want to be editing a config file like a fucking idiot for setting something basic as my screen resolution.

        We're not in 1970 anymore.

        The resolution is the job for KMS to handle, not the user. Period.

        What the fuck is this.
        Wow, we got an angry idiot here who just doesn't get it and writes angry demagogy.


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          Originally posted by asdx
          I apologize for this misunderstanding, and I agree that I shouldn't have acted in such a childish way. However, if you take a look at the other comments, I have provided useful feedback also.

          Again, sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding.

          My apology goes to the Phoronix community however, I would never apologize to an idiot like you who brings nothing to the conversation and simply insult people.
          Says the one who acted like an angry child and likes to say fuck a lot. That's wise.


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            ok, stop talk about his stupid behaviour, he apologies, thats over.

            lets focus on problem

            how about a prompt window, when hotplug a screen? to set resolution/orientation/position ?


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              This is probably a "patches welcome" thing, but what would be nice is a way to have a dynamic configuration based on the currently connected monitors. It'd be good to be able to match whether a monitor is connected at a specific port, whether a specific monitor (by name or serial or whatever) is connected, and if a specific monitor is connected to a specific port.


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                new screen ID/serial/port detected first time, so user decide to preconfigure it while pluged in via popup window hmmm, let popup on the new or old screen?

                then you play a game, you wont hotplug anything, so it wont be problem. on desktop, x server can handle it on fly i think.

                but it need another deamon/applet in background to look forward port activity or driver should monitor that?

                all other connections of this same screen = load from setting that was user defined on "first set" but still have option to modify/reset [conf file] the setting


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                  People, you can discuss and design your hearts out how monitor configuration should work. However, here on phoronix forums, all that brainwork will be wasted.

                  If you want to make a difference, write a tentative patch, and send it to the mailing list. Then you could actually get noticed and given feedback.

                  Also remember, that Weston with the current desktop-shell client is a little like the plain X server with twm. It is not a fully integrated seamless end user experience, and I don't think it ever will be. All that desktop user-friendlyness and integration will come from the big desktop environments like Gnome, KDE, Xfce, and others. If you want to promote user friendly desktops, go help those DE projects to support Wayland.

                  The Wayland project, or Weston, are not aiming to create yet another desktop environment for end users. They are creating the plumbing, the infrastructure, the underlying engines, on top of which the existing DEs can move on to.

                  We have Weston and the related bits only because we need something simple to develop and test on, that is completely under our own control.