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Wayland On Android Is Continuing To Come Along

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    Originally posted by pq__ View Post
    When you think about Wayland on Android, don't think about smartphones. That probably is not where it will fly. Think about tablets, laptops, etc. larger devices, where you could use more desktop-like features and apps. We are only using a phone to develop on, because it was conveniently available, with recent software.

    To e8hffff: unfortunately, it seems to be easier to get paid for working on something related to all these little new hot devices than working on something directly for the desktop. Hopefully on the side we can also benefit the desktop. People are going to write software for those devices, so is it better they write it using proprietary Android APIs, or (to be) standard APIs like Wayland that would work with much less effort on the Linux desktop, too?

    Yeah agree with you. Google will move Android to smaller laptops as a means to leverage their OS hopes. Linux will simple be commandeered for their manoeuvring so don't expect loyalty from Google. Wayland will still be a sideline to them in coming years.