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Wayland Gets Support For Animated Cursors

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  • Wayland Gets Support For Animated Cursors

    Phoronix: Wayland Gets Supported For Animated Cursors

    While Canonical is working on tiny bits of Wayland code for upstream, Intel OTC developers and others continue with a bulk of the advancements for Wayland and Weston. One of the latest Intel patch sets is for handling cursor surfaces and animated cursors...

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    Take that comet cursor!


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      Scalable cursors?

      What about scalable cursors?

      You're going to need that when you run it on screens from 1280?720 to 4096x2160 (and later even 7680?4320).


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        You could do it like Apple does and just have 2 sizes for everything. 1x and 2x.


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          Don't forget the people with bad eye sight. I vote scalable cursors.


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            Is it something in the protocol that prohibits the use of .svg or something????


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              Sorry, your questions are irrelevant.

              Cursors are images set by the client which happens to have a pointer in one of its surfaces. It is the same thing like a decorated window is just an image set by the client. Any client is free to draw its cursor in whatever way and size it wants, though in practice, a library is used, that provides a uniform look.

              No, the cursor is not drawn by a client into its window image. A cursor is a separate, independent image, positioned by the server.

              Also, the server is free to do what it wants, too. Weston already has a desktop zoom, that enlarges *everything*, including the cursor.

              The question of scalable cursors has nothing to do with Wayland. In the protocol it is just a pixel-based image.


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                Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
                Is it something in the protocol that prohibits the use of .svg or something????
                Displays don't deal with vector graphics directly, and they certainly don't try parsing and rendering complex formats like SVG themselves. That doesn't mean you can't use vector formats as an input, but it's not Wayland's job to deal with them.