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    Originally posted by droste View Post
    There's no way to tell how many people use which distribution. That's a simple fact. Indicators such as "articles published" or "forum activity" are just indicators that the distributions is widely used, but you can't say distro A > distro B.
    I just go with distrowatch, they are maybe not accurate what the difference is, but you can take it as a hint, if you count together the 2 top debian based distros you come to 6200 hits per day vs fedora with 1700. yes you can then say lets count to fedora side opensuse and mandrika, but then you can also count to ubuntu/debian based side , debian itself ^^ and more important the 100 ubuntu-meta-packages like xubuntu lubuntu...

    Yes shure thats also no proof. but I am shure that more people use it, you see it gets more love from developers... maybe its closer than it seems, its also the question what you cound on servers here shurely debian is under-representated and you have to cound then redhat in? yes its hard but... show me hints that shows the oposite? so many hints (not proofs) that ubuntu have more users but no hints that fedora is ahead I think that should say enough.

    here is also a example. so yes even if that would be only a point that no fedora user ever visit this page or only lets say half the people as ubuntu ones... but then again my point was that debian-distries are mcuh stronger and linux mint is also a debian/ubuntu based distro... so that points are to clear to be totaly wrong... maybe the difference is smaler but definitly more people use ubuntu/mint than fedora.../ what ever mandrika? / suse...

    Have you tried openSUSE the last 2years? I bet not, it is awesome! (the last statement may contain personal opinions :-P)
    the point is if you like rpm, kde... their "nice nice" special artwork theme and such stuff yes you will love this distribution... but if you hate all that, you will hate this distribution... ^^