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The Fedora Plans For Wayland

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    PulseAudio rocks. What's the problem with it? Using it since it hit Ubuntu and aside from Skype horrors, Everything was fixed in the following Ubuntu release.

    Yes the Alsa drivers need to be more strict in following the rules because otherwise the sound gets choppy. Big deal...

    And what about Wayland? Oh yeah remote acces. KDE already does Plasma widgets over the network. I'm sure Qt will follow sooner or later. By the time Gtk has decided if the French revolution was a good idea, I'm sure they'll follow. Then kicks in and parent windows will somehow be draggable again; because hey; fscking compositing, how does it work?


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      I do not understand something.

      I really do not understand this Wayland-releated news. AFAIK Wayland is promising, but it is far from antyhing stable or usefull. How it can be even considered to be included anywhere if it was and still is highly experimental, have problems with drivers, compatibility of clients, API is still discussed.

      Please leave this, think few years on good API, and then push it to the mainline users. Not around. We have been living with X11 for 25 years, and without problem we can live next 5, and even after that we need to run this old application also, so good compatibility and features like network transparency is also nice (but well, for todays rich graphic applications, X11 networking isn't very good in terms of performance, so i think this could be improved - look at NX).

      I do not buy any features of Wayland right now. And do not see currently bigger advantages for rational reasons. In longterm it will be better, but do not rush to change Xorg by Wayland becuase of this.


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        Well, anybody hoping nvidia will release wayland-compatible drivers was/is probably living in some different dream world. Why the hell they should support it, if wayland isn't even remotely stable in any sense, especially in API division - wayland is just currently some new architecture which tries to fix X11 problems, but there was lots of similar efforts many times, and they all died. Maybe this times will be different, but nvidia will not risk wasting any resources on this project.

        If wayland will be a standard stack for linux (and I do not think it will happen, and even if it happen not in next 5 years), then maybe they will reconsider this (but it also depends if wayland will be ported to other Unixes).


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          You don't understand. has manpower problems and they can't get rid of Xlib because the new C lib doesn't get any traction outside of E17. They can't seem to dump anything legacy due to dependancies.

          Now Wayland comes around, which is anything modern code that's been stripped of all the legacy crap and moves networking of widgets to widget toolkits and everybody is jumping on it.

          The very last thing that is needed is people sticking with


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            Dude, nobody is jumping on it. It's just that phoronix is quoting a couple of emails and a tweet.

            Perhaps Wayland will be an interesting solution in a few years. Like Y-Windows was, which solved all the problems X had. At the moment, it's a pet side project of one developer which barely runs, no more.


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              Everybody is not jumping on Wayland. There's a good deal of discussion about how it's a better model for localised rendering, and there's a good deal of discussion about things that are no longer desired in X.
              What may end up happening just as easily is that many (or even most) of the ideas from Wayland end up making their way over to X.
              Now if Wayland is still as "promising" as people here are trying to believe when it's more mature, has a stable API, and if it manages to avoid growing much in complexity, then there could be something to be interested about.


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                Mails and tweets of whom? Indeed.


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                  You know what? From now on I am going to literaly index anything people refute me by and throw it in their face later on in time. It's always the same story. End of rant.


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                    You should start by having a Wayland server running on your computer and some of your favourite applications running on top of that.

                    Call me when Firefox or VLC runs on top of Wayland. Until then, this is all very hypothetical.


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                      Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                      You know what? From now on I am going to literaly index anything people refute me by and throw it in their face later on in time. It's always the same story. End of rant.
                      Ubuntu - Mark Shuttleworth confirmed it, without ifs buts and maybes.
                      Fedora - the folks who decide what's in the graphics stack acknowledged that they will move to it when its ready, which it should be in a few years.

                      That's more than enough to make sure almost all Linux distros will move to it sooner or later, if you think it's still not enough proof of future success - take a hike since you obviously came here to keep ranting.
                      And those who don't like (good) news about Wayland - don't read them and stop downplaying it and spreading FUD!