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Wayland Meets Some Summer Love w/ New Changes

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    Wayland is a nice concept, but it fundamentally depends on Linux video drivers being independent from X. Until things like Gallium and all that get up to speed, and KMS is standard across all hardware, then Wayland is going to pretty worthless.

    So what is the point of spending all this time hacking on Wayland when almost nobody can meet the requirements to use it?

    If X itself is barely improved by the time the new Linux video stack matures and stabilizes then I am sure that Wayland will gain a lot more attention.


    Keep in mind that X and Wayland is not a either or.

    You do not have to eliminate X Windows support in order to run Wayland.

    As proof:
    I can quite happily run connect to Linux box from Microsoft Windows and run a X Server on Windows to display applications from Linux. I can also do that from OS X. Neither of which requires me to hand over my entire display to some X Server.


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      Originally posted by siride View Post
      The Wayland fanboys kind of fall into that same position...
      So everyone that is interested in Wayland is now suddenly a fanboy?

      Well, things don't get done if nobody is around to do them. It's already bad enough that has limited manpower. How is Wayland supposed to get done or work if there is only one guy working on it? It matters a whole lot.
      By lowering the entry bar due to simplification.

      Any large system is going to end up seeming "horribly complex". That's the reality of mature software.
      Realy... I want proof of this. There is no way that there is a law that dictates that mature software will always turn out ot be so horribly complex that almost no-one even dares to touch it.

      Terrible, terrible idea. So much of what a toolkit does is very client-specific.
      Not if one changes that. Sorry, but that should have been reeeaaaaaaalllyyyyy obvious...

      With your system, instead of just diddling around with things on the client-side (i.e., function calls), you have to send messages to the server and wait for responses in many cases. doesn't send messages and waits for replies? doesn't transmit input and images? Wow... I guess I don't even have to have a network. I can just log in from England to Japan and it goes through thin air.

      How would you deal with subclassing? Owner draw? What about new custom widgets that don't derive from existing widgets? And how could you leverage the object-oriented hierarchy of widgets when that is all hidden on the Wayland server?
      Wait... Too much BS already... First of create a colaborative FreeDesktop spec for toolkit. Wouldn't it be nice to ignore other themes so GTK will not look like ass outside of gnome? Perfect.
      Secondly nothing is hidden inside Wayland. Toolkit would create its own windows and classes etc etc tec and just feed that to the Wayland API (which like anything else on paper doesn't exist, hence the paper in the first place).

      You still have to communicate with the server. You still have to micromanage things on the server (except with your system, you have to micromanage even more). You still have to listen for and handle events.
      An Android powerd HTC Legend device has more compute power that the fastest super computer back when waqs created. Believe me... Thin clients would be possible, don't you think? If you can find hardware that ships today that cannot run Qt/GTK+ due to speed problems than I would be stunned.

      The fact that all other OSes have client-side toolkits should tell you something about the way things should be done...
      Back when Windows95 was around there wasn't any compositing desktop. That should have told you that compisiting was the most stupid idea ever, right? C'mon....


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        Originally posted by siride View Post
        Throwing all your money in with Wayland, which is being worked on -- occasionally -- by one guy, doesn't seem like a smart bet either.
        Lol wasn't the linux kernel built by one dude on his own time? Oh yeah that's what Linus did. Way to make a huge judgement call on somebody that just simply made the choice to write their own program. Not to mention for someone that is so critical of anyone being a 'fanboy' of this dude's super new project by showing any interest whatsoever you sure are acting like a nazi over the whole thing yourself. Why the hell is fanboy the favorite world of anyone who resides on internet forums with a strong opinion about anything?