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How Important Is The Wayland Display Server?

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    Originally posted by energyman View Post
    oh really? no, you can't. Because a framebuffer is nothing but a memory array reserved for screen data. Nothing else.
    Which can run OpenGL applications with Gallium3D.
    Isn't that the other way around? I'm not even sure a raw kernel framebuffer supports pageflips without jumping through library hoops like directfb.

    What about an ARM chip with nothing more than a raw segment of memory and a blitter?

    The framebuffer is the final landing point before hitting the CRTC/DAC.

    The other important question to ask here is, which framebuffer?
    In certain circumstances such as a machine I have with an onboard IPMI2.0 compliant baseboard management controller integrating a matrox g200 core & IPKVM, as well as a PCI express graphics card I tossed in to support my 90 degree LCD setup.

    The kernel seems to prefer to use the matrox, but X has always popped up on the Radeon 2600xt card.

    I realize I'm sort of splitting hairs here, but the semantics can be way different.

    Edit: Gah, forgot about G3d's softpipe. Sorry 'bout that.
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