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Miracle-WM v0.3 Released - Working Out To Daily-Drive This Mir-Based Wayland Compositor

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    Originally posted by Malsabku View Post
    For which DE I can use this WM?
    It should work just fine as the basis for a MATE session using MATE 1.28. Start mate-panel and caja from inside it for a basic session, for a full-featured session you could probably modify the existing mate-wayland-session package to use Miracle instead of Wayfire. If you use xwayland to support x11 apps you will also want to start mate-settings-daemon, as otherwise all the GTK theming in x11 apps will default to Adwaita. If you use the 1.29 or git master versions of mate-control-center, you can control the GTK and icon themes from the control center just like in x11 if Miracle like most wlroots based compositors follows the GNOME gsettings values.

    Note that in wayland sessions at least outside of GNOME or KDE, the compositor is effectively the session manager and all the other session components must be started from inside the compositor session.