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Firefox 121 Is Looking Good For Having Wayland Enabled By Default

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    Originally posted by arun54321 View Post

    Tray icons are not noise. they are signal for notifications and status. All matured operating systems have it. Is your notification, status icons are big and splashy covering quarter of the display? or do you have mental issues or something like OCD?
    FWIW, I like the older desktop model myself. When I first heard about GNOME 3 I thought it was a great idea. Later I realized the design model wasn't comfortable for my pattern of usage. And that's OK!

    I'm glad there is a dramatically (radically?) different choice. I've noticed that often in OS projects we can choose between dark blue and navy -- different but not terribly different. So vive la difference!

    I like my systray because it's useful for me. Desktop icons, OTOH, I never use *except* for mount/umount of USB flash drives (haven't tried in modern GNOME). So for me the desktop space is wasted space anyway. But leaving it unused seemed like a strange design decision IMHO. I'm guessing there's an extension that addresses this?