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Wine Wayland Driver Updated With Basic Window Management Capabilities

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    Originally posted by gavron View Post
    Ok, I've narrowed it down to a regression in how wine attemps to create a window conflicting with the NVIDIA proprietary driver.
    WIne-6 has no issues. Works great.
    Wine-8 doesn't work using NVIDIA mode.
    Switching to the Intel mode allows wine-8 to work just fine.
    Something tells me it's about the GPU querying bullshit, considering the display driver fails to initialize at all, so I doubt it's acceleration.

    EDIT: Just to make sure, I'm talking about Wine's code, not that you did anything wrong.


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      Originally posted by guglovich View Post
      Wayland is so modern that games are obsolete for it. It's a waste of effort.
      That's not how games work at all. Most of the rendering is done via windowing system agnostic APIs. KDE and Gnome actually completely bypass their compositor for fullscreen games. The windowing system is only called when games are in windowed mode (or borderless windowed) and is used to communicate with the game about window size and whether or not to close.

      The Wine wayland work will go toward spawning less xwayland instances for games, but won't really affect the games themselves as far as I'm aware. The work is much more important for standard applications.