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JetBrains Enabling Wayland Support For IntelliJ-Based IDEs

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    Originally posted by Sonadow View Post

    VSCode is not an IDE no matter how you want to spin it to match your narrative.
    My narrative: It has code completion, it has code refactoring, it has a debugger, it integrates with build tools, version control and containers. What characteristics is it missing in order to fit your idea of an IDE ?


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      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post

      Typical sour grapes.

      Something I don't like is extremely popular with users all over the world. It must be not because it's good.
      It is certainly not good for what I do, or, if you prefer, it does not match Intellij, which is also very popular.
      If it was good, I would have used it.. End of the story.


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        Originally posted by cassiofb-dev View Post

        Maybe not, I went to build a client PC with RTX 4060 TI as he is a dev I tried to install some distros but only Alpine with Gnome gave video but it was software rendering. I think the year of Linux will be after NVIDIA gpus works well with Linux and even more on Wayland (most of the market share is NVIDIA sadly). For myself I play on Linux for more than a year now even windows exclusive titles.

        Well, there are some things that can make year of Linux before NVIDIA:
        1. AMD Hypr-RX would be amazing in Linux open source driver (AMD is already nice on Linux but I think they need more to get market share)
        2. Intel making even better Linux drivers (they are kinda bad now but are improving a lot recently)
        3. More companies focusing on Linux gaming like Valve
        By the way, sadly I had to install Windows 11 Home Single Language for him 😭
        Gaming is like 1% of the total PCs in existence.... The day of the Linux desktop is not about Linux gaming, although it can certainly help. And no, we don't need Nshitia, we don't buy Nshitia, Nshitia is trash and harms consumers all the time with bad anti-competitive practices.