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Wayland's Weston 12 Alpha Brings Multi-GPU Support, PipeWire Backend, Tearing Control

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    Originally posted by oiaohm View Post

    Its not false smitty3268j
    Yes it is.

    This is copyright infrignment. That line of text you have attributed to mrg666 is my line of text.
    Quoting 1 line to reply to someone in a forum is not copyright infringement, and if you believe it is you've gone truly off the deep end into full blown delusions. That would mean you are guilty of no doubt thousands of copyright infringements yourself. In fact, you are quoting people yourself right in this reply. You can't possibly believe that to be true, so I'm left to assume you're just picking random legal buzzwords to place in what's clearly a nonsensical response.

    And no, having a typo doesn't make you guilty of copyright infringement. It just makes you guilty of being a bad typer.

    Sorry this is not falsely accusing someone of copyright infringement. You have do copyright infringement by incorrect credit and have refused to fix it smitty3268.
    Nope, you can repeat something a million times but that doesn't make it magically any more true. It just reveals your ignorance.

    smitty3268; basically its not libel when it the truth you have be so stubborn to get the last word that you have been ignoring my posts saying you need to fix something.
    I'm just trying to have an actual opinion. You're the one who can't let me have it and have to keep responding about how wrong I am. Why are you unable to allow me to have an opinion? Why do you have this need to keep insinuating that I'm stupid and just don't understand what your clearly superior intellect is saying? Why can't you understand what an actual jackass you are acting like?

    Yes legally incorrect quoting like it or not is copyright infringement.
    Nope, it isn't.


    Your daily reminder that:

    Weston is not meant to be used as a full featured desktop shell.​​​​​​​​


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      Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
      Nope, it isn't..​​​​​​​​
      You would be UNI taught fool that Plagiarism​ and copyright are different.

      2015 you need to catch up on. "The Songs: Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up" vs. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"​. That case put Plagiarism under copyright law.
      There are not that many Plagiarism cases there is no laws for Plagiarism but in many countries it has been taken to court and won. Guess how copyright law.
      Bad new right.

      Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
      And no, having a typo doesn't make you guilty of copyright infringement. It just makes you guilty of being a bad typer.
      Having a typo alone does not do you. Having a typo with attribution being informed of it then not fixing it with attribution then comes willful copyright infringement. I informed you many times before I used the word copyright infringement go back and check.

      Uni teach it wrong. The legal cases over Plagiarism falls under copyright fair usage until you are informed you have done it and you refused to admit and fix the attribution. Of course copyright holder can still take you for damages based on how the work is used after putting to correction attribution but you still can use the fair use defense if you corrected the attribuation.

      Plagiarism and not being willing to correct it is one of the means lose the right to use the copyright fair use defense so making your ass exposed to copyright infringement. Yes UNI don't teach what the courts around the world have in fact ruled over and over again in Plagiarism cases in court that have to be prosecuted under copyright law.

      Sorry your Nope it isn't does not match the legal rulings. You willing stepped into copyright infringement by not taking attribution issue serous-ally.

      Please note something smitty3268 when you had attribution issue and I informed you of it if you had not replied to the message at all or had not copied line of text message inform you in your post you would not have been on the hook for willful copyright infringement. You have walked you way into this and others many do because UNI teach Plagiarism not how courts enforce/punish Plagiarism under copyright law. Handle attribution errors right never end up on the wrong side of copyright law so always able to use fair usage defense. Handle attribution errors wrong lose fair use defense across complete document for all used parts that could be a nightmare on a 1000+ page document.

      Yes fun one right copyright law does not know Plariarism its how copyright law respond to incorrect incorrect attribution what makes Plagiarism major issue.


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        LOL LOL LOL

        Honestly, this is hilarious. Keep on replying, please. A week ago or so you claimed to have special knowledge of EU law regarding Qt copyright, and I let it go because I honestly am not an expert in such things, in spite of suspecting BS. But this, I do know, and you are full of BS. I'm now entirely convinced you have no more special knowledge of EU law than anything else.

        Honestly, do you actually expect anyone to swallow this nonsense?

        Your daily reminder that:

        Weston is not meant to be used as a full featured desktop shell.​​​​​​​​
        Last edited by smitty3268; 11 June 2023, 03:05 AM.