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Labwc 0.6.2 Released For Openbox-Inspired Wayland Compositor

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  • Labwc 0.6.2 Released For Openbox-Inspired Wayland Compositor

    Phoronix: Labwc 0.6.2 Released For Openbox-Inspired Wayland Compositor

    Labwc 0.6.2 was released on Monday as the newest version of this wlroots-based window-stacking Wayland compositor that is inspired by Openbox...

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    Congratulations to the developers, this is actually shaping up to be a pretty usable compositor. I was wishing for an openbox style compositor on wayland for a long, long time.
    But now I have to decide if I want to keep playing with this, or just go back to sway.


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      I'll have to look at this later. "Openbox-inspired" means there is a better than average chance I will like it.


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        Okay, this looks cool!


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          really wish it didnt blindly say no to all animations and presumably shadows

          they could be used to communicate with purpose which panel icon a window is lowering to, where a raising window came from, which windows moved where during mass tiling, the order of stacked windows, which window is currently selected (if elements dont fade for deselected windows), etc

          accessibility or at least reducing mental context switches should not be considered a frill