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Mir 2.9 Released With XDG-Shell For Wayland, Support For More Protocols

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    Originally posted by Eirikr1848 View Post

    Wlroots works great with PostMarketOS for example but won’t work on Ubuntu Touch which relies on the Halium abstraction layer to use a downstream kernel instead of mainline — and relies on Mir
    Depends on the device. Some UT devices use mainline.


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      Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
      Are they aware which year it is and that a new LTS came out already?
      They can't just skip 20.04. They *have* to move to 20.04 in order to move to 22.04 more quickly. It's kind of like the GTK transition: GTK 2 to 3 is usually not so easy, but from 3 to 4 is a lot less painful. But going from 2 to 4 is usually a bit too much.
      It's the same on other platforms, really. You can ship a device with Android 10, but the developers can't go from 10 to 12 directly.


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        Originally posted by Papicha View Post
        Wake up, this isn't the old Mir Mir. This is the Wayland Mir.


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          Just wanted to throw this here, as someone had asked if anyone uses UBPorts. This is a Huawei Nexus 6P - mostly used for SSHing into other machines... honestly waiting for 20.04 before using it more actively with my test SIM.
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