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KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Released With Many Improvements, Wayland Support Maturing

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    .... too long to read or quote given low signal:error ratio
    Basically the problem is you don't have hands on time with this complex custom software/hardware stack, but you still think you know everything even though you're making poor assumptions and errors. Some humility would make you look smarter.
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      Originally posted by theriddick View Post
      I've been testing out wayland this past week (not this version) and its pretty easy to cause conflicts/crashes/UI alignment issues or DPI problems.

      The Fractional scaling system they have for System Displays STILL causes blurring if you select anything fractional.
      Probably a GTK/QT problem but still; you don't experience this on X11 version of the desktop which I often run at %125 scaling. (4k)

      Additionally proton/game performance on Wayland was not better; in fact most games had frame timing stutter issues even if the framerate was above 60fps. Who knows when it will improve.
      This is strange I have multi monitor 1080p 240hz and a 60hz. I only run arch KDE wayland due to it having less stutter and better frame timing on my 6800xt, 5800x3d computer. My girls computer is one monitor 1440p 165hz Vega 64 with a 5600x arch KDE wayland and also seems smoother on wayland. we both use Proton GE for steam with DXVK_ASYNC=1 set for every game though. Never have any crashes or issues and have been on wayland strictly since plasma 5.24.


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        The same company that made that awesome performance menu could surely add a checkbox somewhere that says "Use Wayland on desktop mode". And surely it'd be disabled by default, because when a casual user has issues using tool windows in libreoffice, or when drag and drop between the two sides of the same dolphin window is broken, that's no good.


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          That task switcher order-randomizing bug from 2019 still exists. Sort of embarrassing considering how fundamental a feature alt-tab switching is to an OS. For a lot of people, window switching is primary workflow.


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            Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
            Xwayland adds overhead [...]
            [citation needed]

            Xwayland incurs no overhead to speak of compared to Xorg for fullscreen apps (assuming the Wayland compositor can directly scan out client buffers, which all the main ones can by now) or windowed apps with compositing. Xorg could be lighter only for windowed apps without compositing, which hasn't been really relevant for many years.