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SDL2 On Linux Now Prefers Wayland Over X11

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    This is great news, should provide impetus to get the laggards on board. I've been patching my systems to default to Wayland on SDL, GTK etc since the early days so I've been able to fix/report bugs, but some projects haven't felt the need to support Wayland since it's not the default, so hopefully this will change now.


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      Originally posted by ernstp View Post
      For a Steam game you can set

      SDL_DYNAMIC_API=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ %command%

      to override SDL.
      I hope Valve will update their runtimes so that one day games will launch directly on Wayland ootb - which makes sense since they will launch games on Deck inside a Wayland compositor. I wonder if that can bring some sort of improvements to input latency and what not.

      Combine that with new Wine driver from Collabora and we've potentially got all games running without the X dependency. Of course it will take few more years to solve all the issues, but at least it's going forward!


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        Originally posted by onlyLinuxLuvUBack View Post

        maybe they will support it in half-life 3 ?
        Too Soon!


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          Originally posted by StarterX4 View Post
          Yeah, while most of Valve games (like L4D2 or TF2) don't work natively under Wayland, even through SDL_DYNĂ€MIC_API, and Valve isn't going to update those de facto abandoned titles.
          Well one of those "de facto abandoned" titles in Half Life 2 just got an update to support controller input in menus so they could be "Deck Verified". I wouldn't rule it out.