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XWayland 22.1 RC1 Released With DRM Leasing, Other Improvements

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    Originally posted by slagiewka View Post
    There's no need for me to do so. The first contributions from community happened in !111 (by KWin dev) precisely 3 years ago. Then it evolved into !432 and finally !733 in August 2021. All by community..
    Oh yea, I was aware of the PRs over the last few years lol Sorry, I came off a little harsh. It just feels pretty common in this community, and I guess in the larger Linux community, for people to shame people for not getting stuff done sooner. I don't think I would have thought that if you said something more like "I was really hoping they'd get HiDPI done by this release."

    But yea, I agree with what you're saying. There's a lot of people who try out Wayland, see apps that are blurry, and complain because don't know that they're actually running an X11 app through Xwayland. Probably the only benefit to that is that it becomes really easy to tell if you're running something with it's native Wayland backend or not but that's probably better than people immediately getting disgusted and going back to an X session.


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      Originally posted by kmansoft View Post
      HiDPI scaling still not merged?
      Not even agreed on a single implementation. - that's the most active discussion, although the MR author is not responding to maintainer's concerns.

      It's painful to watch honestly, but I don't have the skills required to maybe try and push that a little instead of just complaining. I would literally need to learn about how both protocols and Xwayland work in order to add anything useful to the endless discussion. Even well skilled people couldn't sort that out for years so it's unlikely that I could as a dumbass. Where do I even start learning? Maybe I'll start building stuff with those patches and just experiment and see what does what?

      AFAIK the whole idea is to allow to change global scaling factor of X11 (which I believe is root window property, but I might be wrong) on the fly by a compositor (or by Xwayland) whenever it decides to make the change, e.g. an event triggered when a window on a screen with different scaling factor is focused. That's not enough because windows would resize unnecessarily, so the compositor would also be responsible for rescaling too big windows down. That would be almost good, but I'm not sure about fractional scales.

      GNOME now does more-or-less that, but only when changing the "primary display" - which is fine for simple use-cases, but still problematic otherwise.

      Interesting idea I read about is sandboxing X11 apps each in separate Xwayland instance. It works more or less like that in Qubes OS where apps are running in separate VMs. That would bring some security pros, but also make it difficult to support stuff like dnd/clipboard i suppose. If that's possible to implement such solution in a reliable manner anyway.
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