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GNOME's Wayland Session Shows Potential For Better Battery Life Than With X.Org

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    Originally posted by Michael
    While not talked about as much as raw performance and other factors, but in the recent testing of the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen2 laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U, it was observed that the GNOME Wayland session by default on Ubuntu 21.10 is delivering better battery life / lower power consumption than using the GNOME X.Org session.
    And the winner of the awkward, run-on sentence award goes to...


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      Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
      I guess you did not try a clean account. Plasma does run into problems with X11 setting causing Wayland to fail to start.
      Please read his statement agian.


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        Anyone can comment about X11 vs Wayland color reproduction? Intel (8 gen & 6 gen) / HDMI Port / Arch / Plasma X11 have better color reproduction vs Wayland.
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          Originally posted by t.s. View Post
          Anyone can comment about X11 vs Wayland color reproduction? Intel (8 gen & 6 gen) / Arch / Plasma X11 have better color reproduction vs Wayland.
          First of all, this depends on the display type.

          Rule of thumb:

          Monitor --> 'Full' color range

          HDTV --> 'Limited' color range

          Now, the evil devil called nVidia makes changing this setting dead-easy via GUI.

          However, everyone else can enjoy some quality time with their PC to try to change this setting, especially so on Wayland:

          Fix washed out colors on Linux with Xorg/Wayland display server and Intel/AMD video cards

          So, what are you waiting for?

          Go on, spent some well deserved time with your PC this holiday season.



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            Originally posted by gfunk View Post
            Can you explain a bit more? at SDDM before I login, I switch between X11 and Wayland, I mostly use Wayland now after tons of bugs got fixed but dont see any issues hopping back and fourth.. Arch btw

            Sorry to say there are a set of different bugs like above. Where different setups you will go splat swaping backwards and forwards between plasma on X11 and plasma on Wayland.


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              Originally posted by t.s. View Post
              Please read his statement agian.
              I did read his statement. He was not clear on if user had already gone into x11 version of KDE. The hard reality here there are bugs that if you have logged into KDE Plasma as X11 then you attempt to use Plamsa on particular hardware and software configurations you are doomed.

              Yes and if you are following the pattern over and over again of trying X11 KDE first then trying KDE wayland second on trouble hardware you will keep on getting the same failure result.


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                Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
                What I find interesting is that when I kept reporting that I couldn't get (Plasma) Wayland to work in on my Intel-only laptop, people on here thought I was crazy because it “should just work on Intel”. But now I'm on my new Ryzen 9 PC with built-in AMD GPU (APU?) and I still can't get it to work. On various distros, that is.

                Makes me wonder if the Wayland fanboys are secretly not on Wayland either, but love it so much that they trick people into thinking it works.
                On a laptop...


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                  I dipped into Plasma Wayland briefly last week. Chromium still doesn't behave correctly. Loads of "papercuts" and when I tried benchmarking Horizon Zero Dawn I was getting 65fps rather than 85pfs on Plasma X11


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                    Originally posted by oiaohm View Post

                    I guess you did not try a clean account.
                    This is a new PC, so yes, it's a clean account. I never restore any settings. On my laptop it was a relatively clean account as well.


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                      Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

                      But if it is anything like tunneling VNC, you don't particularly need it integrated with SSH. Mainly because the server is the server (Xvnc) rather than the client providing the server (Xorg).
                      Again, waypipe works fundamentally the same as X11 over SSH: There's a proxy display server on the SSH server side and a proxy display client on the SSH client side. (Yes, this means X11 over SSH doesn't really require X11's network transparency, which is just as well, since X servers haven't enabled network sockets for client connections by default for years)