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XWayland 21.1.2 Nears With NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    Furthermore it is tied to OpenGL, which means you can't use Vulkan with EGLStreams (or it is too difficult to), as it is designed for OpenGL and OpenGL only.
    GBM is not tied to any graphics API.
    That is not 100 percent right that GBM is not tied to any graphics API. GBM had AMD developers this is important for Vulkan support. GBM only appears not tied to any graphics API because of the broad development pool. AMD/DICE Mantle that was the precursor to Vulkan starts in 2013. Some of the features that Nvidia said about GBM that made no sense in 2014 come critical in 2016 with the release of Vulkan but those features were also required to implement Mantle that Nvidia was not implementing at the time. Yes this is not invented here syndrome hitting Nvidia they were not considering the APIs not being developed at Nvidia and that Nvidia would have to support them in future with the work on eglstreams.

    Please note that only what 1 of the 5 companies working in GBM brought to the table each one of the 5 brought something unique to the GBM design to support the graphics APIs they were working on internally. GBM is in fact tied to particular graphics API logic. Problem here Nvidia working solo so lacked diversity in targeted graphical APis. GBM having a broader graphics API support does not mean it in fact tied to having particular low level graphic API logic. Some of the issue that Nvidia was complaining about was that GBM does require particular graphics API logic. NIH is a powerful design ruining thing.