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Experimental Wayland Support For Wine Now Sees More Functionality Working

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    Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
    Tesseract OpenGL game wayland in fact wins over X11 and its repeatable.

    I stated that its particular benchmarks that show it. Sorry the link I gave did not prove me wrong just proved you did not read. I started Tesseract benchmarks.

    The possible advantage of Wayland design is very small we are talking a somewhere between 1-5 frames per second. Is this going to be a human noticeable difference no its not. Is it possible for X11 solution to be sightly losing all the time to a Wayland solution if the Wayland solution is well made absolutely yes.

    duby229 big thing here is your claim that it never been demoed in benchmarks that claim is false. The advantage of wayland design can be seen with the right benchmarks.

    Please note gnome is not a well made wayland compositor in that those benchmarks. Really that link I gave really shows few how design in the compositor with wayland can totally destory the advantage of the wayland design even in that case particular benchmarks will show the advantage is there, Finally the advantage of wayland over X11 if everything is good is not going to be a major deal breaker.
    You go right right ahead and keep grasping at imaginary straws...

    EDIT: BTW, thank you at least for finally acknowledging Gnome's compositor isn't well made.... That topic has been a "Duh!" for as long as it existed...
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      Originally posted by duby229 View Post
      You go right right ahead and keep grasping at imaginary straws...
      No imaginary straw would be non repeatable benchmarks. Claiming the advantage if there is one is going to be that small end user will not notice it would have been valid. That what the benchmarks on the advantage of using DMA BUF is.

      Also DMA BUF usage in wayland also messes with memory measurement. The wayland protocol developers talked about the advantage they said that in well made solutions Xwayland should be no slower than X11 bare metal because overhead should be no worse and wayland application should be slightly faster. But its that slight that its not going to be major noticeable difference end users. Yes different benchmarking shows that the wayland protocol developers said the truth. Also due to how slight the advantage is it can be completely disappeared by some poor coding here or there.

      Your claim that there is no benchmarks showing this is not true. Really its about time you stop your false point of view. The real point of view that the benchmarks tell is bad enough really without false cliams.