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OBS Studio Merges Its EGL-Wayland Code To Natively Support Wayland

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    oiaohm You had me laughing at kwin and Kwinft working together. They just spent the last week exchanging insults and fragmenting their code bases. Now I remember you are also the guy who claims KDE owns the Qt copyright. I see no reason to discuss any further. We don’t share the same reality. Talk to you next time the kwinft poopoo slinging blogs makes the news. Shouldn’t be long..
    Insulting each other and looking to fragment happens with wine mainline vs wine staging as well even when stuff is moving mainline. You need to look deeper at the commits that are making it into mainline.

    Friendly fork is a deceptive term. A fork can be friendly with mainline as in working the features of the fork up into mainline over time at the same time having public disputes with ideas in mainline.

    I told you to look at the KDE mainline patches just reading the blog and exchanging insults can horrible be part of the development process.

    Also think patches from kwinft are modified and end up in mainline Kwin of course there should be a few posts stating that X reason for using kwinft is no more why because that feature is now mainline. Take a closer look at those so call kwinft poopoo slinging blogs and the patches the lead developer of kwinft has got merged mainline kde you will notice something its exactly this. So yes there are going to be more blogs like that and should be expected when the fork is not 100 percent independent and the reasons for using kwinft is a changing thing.