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Taiwins Wayland Compositor Switches From WLROOTS To Its Own Library

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    Originally posted by t.s. View Post
    That's Nate experiences. Someone that have more knowledge than me about wayland + compositor and linux in general. I'm more or less believe what he's saying. You can discuss with him about your solution. Maybe your solution never occured to him, but I doubt it. But if it's true, then you'll helped him and all of us that in the future will using kde + wayland.
    The concept of going direct for screen capture and custom short cuts was first put forwards by Kristian Høgsberg. Really you cannot get anyone who knows more about Wayland and with deep understand for what drivers provide than him. There are a lot like Nate who skipped over stuff that has been shown in examples. Some it comes from Nvidia saying that GBM/DMA BUF would not work for them so would come up with something different and Nvidia something different would mandate extra stuff done in the Compositor.

    There is fight here pays to be aware of. Personally I would be pushing for generic interfaces nothing to-do with Wayland for screen capture and other things because that makes lot more sense long term. You don't really want a bug in processing screen capture to crash compositor also it would be highly useful at times if screen capture would work in case of crash of compositor both the ideal is screen capture and keyboard short cuts not part of wayland at all its not like they have to be.

    Originally posted by t.s. View Post
    For me, like I said before, I'm all for having agnostic part rather than on compositor. If we can make do without compositor, and using just wayland + the part (that is DE/WM agnostic), why not? I'm happier that way. And I think everyone happier that way. Why must re-invent the wheel when we can use readily, stable part/library, right?
    This is in fact horrible wrong with the do without compositor. X11 bar metal server without a X11 compositor is still technically compositing the windows to screen adding at least a frame of over head so with X11 if you look closely you end up with two compositors stacked on top of each other this is what Kristian is attempting to avoid with wayland design.

    This is also part of the problem people take about X11 compositor bipass this bi passes third party compositor but not the compositor in the X11 server. If you don't have compositor to link up multi windows into a single output you cannot have multi windows on screen at the same time. The way X11 protocol mandates screen capture means you have to have the X11 server make the composite image to capture it.

    For virtual reality true no compositor is required this is where drm lease stuff is used where you are directly using libdrm means you are working directly without a compositor at all.

    Yes screen capture under X11 does not work for a DRM(direct render manager) leased screen this is what you truly have to use for a true 0 composited application under X11. Yes this means application using a DRM lease cannot be using X11 protocol to render on screen either..

    Generic screen capture by DMA BUF we do need particular to capture true low latency stuff output the stuff that truly runs without a compositor between the application and output. Keith Packard is also another one of the people who has mentioned that screen capture does not have to be part of the DE or wayland compositor.

    Its a good question to ask a person and point out they are wrong the following. If you are using X11 server on bare metal without X11 compositor are you compositor free? The correct is no because the X11 server it self is a compositor. Ideal world you want no more than 1 compositor loaded at a time.