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Wayland 1.19 Released With Small Protocol Updates, Fixes

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    Originally posted by jacob View Post
    Yes, I guess that is a possible approach too. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the details to be able to tell how it compares in terms of overhead and performance. I didn't mean to say that having CSD support and management hardcoded into SDL2 is the only solution, my point was simply that the substandard behaviour of SDL2 apps is not something to blame on wayland, it's because SDL2's wayland support is incomplete (one way or another).
    Valve testing with gamescope says the over head cost would be less than 0.5% a percent. Basically inside run to run error rate. So this could be stacked quite a few layers deep before noticing performance issues. Of course it would require someone to implement a wayland proxy compositor to-do decorations on applications on applications that don't have decorations.

    This way of making a proxy wayland compositor to provide decorations is not requiring each toolkit provider to include their own decorations just support KDE server side decorations.

    Do read here a note that KDE and Sway(wlroots) both support server side decorations. Gamescope is based on wlroots so can provide server side decorations so Valve games provide by steam running inside Gamescope being SDL2 based without decorations can appear as if they have decorations when they really don't. So value does not have a reason to fix SDL2 they fixed it with Gamescope.

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      Originally posted by f0rmat View Post

      I now have had four from the rack...I love German beer! Especially when my corporate responsibilities on business trips end.

      For those of you who do not know, a rack is 20 half liter bottles (around 18 ounces for you all all imperial units). In Germany, I can get some high quality racks for less than 20 euros - in other words, 10 liters (or about 2.25 gallons) for less than $22 USD. The vast amjority of the time, less than 20 USD. In Germany, soft drinks and bottled wasser (water) cost more than bier - a great place to live.

      If you are in the Bundesrepublick Deutschland, PM me with a place wherever you want and I will meet you (corporate world willing) and I will buy you a bier (or zwei or drei - depending on how far I am from the hotel) if I happen to be anywhere near that that place. Consider it a German redneck to an American redneck - you Rhineland-Pfaltz redneck.
      He he I'm in. Only corona should be contained. Imagine: you talking southern us English vs me pfälzisch....this is going to be epic
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        Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

        He he I'm in. Only corona should be contained. Image you talking southern us English vs me pfälzisch....this is going to be epic
        Redneck Deutsch-lish...that will be epic -
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