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Fedora Looks To Provide Standalone XWayland Package Tracking X.Org Server Git

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    You ever consider the possibility that the reason you have problems attracting people is that your a dick?


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      Originally posted by MadeUpName View Post
      You ever consider the possibility that the reason you have problems attracting people is that your a dick?
      Have you not considered the problem that no one coming to this problem because they are being a idiot and dicks who have done no research in what the location is and presume they can keep on just asking for X11 so don't have to work on fixing the framework.

      The reality is the issue with HDR monitors shows up in 2015 clearly with the first HDR10. But it was also showing up with major inconsistencies between applications on color corrected screens under X11 due to each application doing their own thing. So multi reinventing the wheel. So this problem was known when Wayland started we have had a lot of stubborn head in sand over it.

      Go read this. Notice the X11 server lets the applications do their own thing. Now you have application generating colour corrected 8 bit colour for a 10bit monitor???. You are now really depending on the monitor to have a sane 8 bit to 10 bit conversion built in. This is showing in figure 1.

      Figure 2 the wayland way you have the compositor doing the final color correction now you don't have to depend on monitor to have sane color conversion from 8bit to 10bit.

      Yes this problem make Nvidia being a dick and not providing support of Xwayland more problem because you are needing it for legacy 8 bit per channel applications on 10 bit+ or channel screens.
      I bet you would be another one that was saying we need to keep X11 bare metal around for Nvidia driver support. Not seeing the complete house has fallen to pieces with X11. X11 is really a ruin that you are living in like a hobo and those doing wayland are trying to build a new house that has proper roofs and works. Of course that house is not going to fit the hobo needs exactly if the hobo is not taking part in its construction. Yes you saying there are people more skilled in the field than you so you will be happy living in a house that its totally furnished by some else the way they like with restriction you are not allowed to change a thing. Basically now while the main construction is going on is when its best time to speak up,

      What was I meant to leave you with your head stuck in the sand and say o well this idiot is going to have to long term suffer when X11 bare metal finally complete falls over.

      Remember Nvidia on bare metal X11 cannot do tear free when you have multi monitors running at different frequencies. The roof is serous-ally falling in with X11 bare metal in multi places even using Nvidia closed source drivers. Let alone any hope of doing multi monitors with variable refresh rate.