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Libinput 1.16 Released - Ready To Warn You If Your System Is Too Slow

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    DanL Thanks for sharing your feelings. Now let me share some facts. Peter Hutterer has done more than 95% of all commits and also maintains libinput. The second place contributor have done like 1% and is also a Red Hat dev. The project need more contributors if you want to cover more needs than just GNOME.

    Why are KDE and Qt not contributing??
    Sorry but what is the Wayland SSD protocol then? It was contributed by KDE.

    If you say that it is of no value then you are a horrible troll.


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      Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
      tildearrow CSD vs SSD has nothing to do with libinput. The Wayland Meritocracy ....
      blegh... ignore, let pass, next page


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

        Or just remove "your system is too slow" after all.
        It is as bad as GitHub telling me "this is not the web page you are looking for" in a 404 error (even though often it is the page I was looking for).
        Github does that a lot. Probably some bad caching heuristic in Google's search code.

        I'd be down with removing it but I totally get why they'd want that error. I just think the error message should be clearer in what it's representing.