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GNOME X.Org vs. Wayland Performance + Power Usage On Fedora 32 With AMD Renoir Laptop

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    X XWayland Wayland
    Chrome Nvidia 895 Freeze -
    Chrome Nouveau Freeze Freeze -
    Firefox Nvidia 610 225 240
    Firefox Nouveau 385 375 375


    • Originally posted by pranav View Post
      Does that mean I should stop using Wayland?
      Why there is no improvement yet?
      Is this mainly because of Firefox not being so great on Wayland?
      Even though Wayland itself is getting production ready, all the apps will need porting to wayland (future).
      That means that even though you're running Wayland natively, X will still need to be 'emulated' under Wayland to run any X-only app.
      The fact that there is barely any increase runing Wayland under these conditions is a very good sign.


      • These benchmarks are probably a bit outdated, here's the most recent I could find

        I'm not sure how much I trust it cuz it sounds a bit too good to be true... And that happens to be a copy-paste almost verbatim of this article which is sus af.

        We kinda need these tests run again by a reliable source (like michael)