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Microsoft Is Writing Its Own Wayland Compositor As Part Of WSL2 GUI Efforts

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  • Originally posted by mdedetrich View Post

    My mum has a pro series spectre HP laptop at 2.5k and she has been using Windows without any crashes (I would know if it crashed because I am always first line of contact when something "slightly wrong" happens.) I personally have a 3.8k Thinkpad laptop that is running Windows without a single crash either (and this is with more exotic hardware, i.e. an OLED screen which funnily enough LInux has problems handling).

    I am assuming one of the following is happening

    1. You are installing some really weird stuff on your laptop which is causing the crash
    2. You have some crappy hardware plugged into the laptop that is causing the crash (or you did some weird hardware specific stuff to the laptop).
    3. You are bullshitting to make a point. Considering you were claiming before that it was Windows laptops at your company and now you are talking about your personal laptop I think this scenario is somewhat likely.

    I am generally curious, post the screenshot of the crash you are experiencing. Also did you install updates?
    1. I don't have admin rights. And I didn't on previous missions where it also crashed.
    2. All I have is a headset for conf calls, and a mouse.
    3. I don't want to go into the burden of uploading a picture just for your sake, but it was so MS that I took one.
    It just says that it has encountered an issue and has to restart. With some percentage building up until it actually rebooted.
    Here's where the QR code leads me to...
    Yes, it is a Windows laptop at my company. I was talking about personal desktop and laptop where Linux is installed. I was pretty clear and you really got yourself confused. I haven't had Windows installed at home since 2010. And I haven't used it at home since 2008 (2 years where I only booted Linux before realizing I really didn't need to keep Windows as backup).

    Anyway, only computer enthusiasts pay the kind of money your mother and you paid for a laptop here in Europe. Most people buy their laptop in the range of 500€ and 1000€. Of course some people with means who want good quality (especially for on-the-go, or gamers) will buy a more expansive machine, and definitely companies. Not John Doe.
    I'm not even sure mainstream manufacturer's lines include 3.8 k€ laptop (or whatever equivalent in € from your machine's worth). I'll stick to what I say, most average people wont pay for such high-end devices on a personal level.


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