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The Wayland Book Is Now Freely Available

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    Originally posted by ddevault View Post
    I am the author of this book...
    Thanks for the book!


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      Originally posted by frank007 View Post

      The question is: why should we buy a book for a freely available open-source project?
      Because you want to learn. That's what books are for. I'm really confused by this question.


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        Originally posted by frank007

        I've already written in another post that this work must be done by the wayland's inventors. Otherwise a programmer don't know how to proceed, and starts inventing (a make buggy things).
        This is complete nonsense.


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          Originally posted by frank007

          Just for you.
          Or are you talking about my English? I don't know the English language.
          So how do you feel about books teaching physics or math? The original developer isn't writing any books and since only the original developer can understand anything about how anything works, there shouldn't be any books on math or physics, right?


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            Originally posted by novhack View Post

            Did you read the article? The author is the creator of WLROOTS and Sway. The first is the most advanced Wayland library for compositor development and the second is an amazing Wayland i3 compatible alternative. He most likely has more knowledge on how to develop Wayland based software than anyone other than Wayland creators themselves.
            I did check waylad documentation of source codes, I wrote a wayland client... and was working on own wayland compositor... till I noticed... that wayland is crap... and that I should not waste time on promoting crap. Check their official documentation of the wayland protocol... then check any rfc you find there outside... and notice the difference. The wayland documenation is mostly just a collection of comments from the source code of the reference implemenation.