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KDE Continuing To See More Wayland Improvements, Fixes To Dolphin

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    Originally posted by ngraham View Post
    Some very, very interesting stuff that I can't requote here because the quote would be too long
    This... changes things. Alright, I stand corrected then. It seems that because I lacked the proper context (and because, just like his blog post announcing the fork, Roman's choice of wording for his tasks on Phabricator and his attitude in general all serve to make him seem like he's the no.1 guy as regards to KWin's Wayland development nowadays) what I perceived as Roman taking the initiative and you guys spurring him on, was really Roman stirring things up and you guys diplomatically trying to defuse the situation.

    Regarding KWinFT itself, I should hope that despite the interpersonal friction you mentioned, and from a purely technical point of view, the end result will be merely an evolution of the current KWin with some extra but useful bells and whistles on top and so (if it's really any good) it will eventually be able to replace its parent or, more realistically, get merged back into it without any serious (technical or non-technical) issues.

    Well. Here's to hoping that between this situation and The Qt Company's shenanigans, KDE comes out stronger and better in the end - and with rock solid Wayland support as well :-)


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      Originally posted by ngraham View Post

      I think that all of this happening is unlikely, but hey, stranger things have happened.
      In the business world they have similar tools:

      Your boss has asked you to develop a new service that will boost customer retention, and you've come up with several ideas that you think might work.

      The problem is, you're not sure which ones will have the biggest impact. And you don't have the time and resources to implement each idea fully. So, which idea should you move forward with?


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        Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post

        Except that X11 doesn't work well for many modern use cases (and even use cases that have been around for decades). The X11 developers are the ones highlighting these problems and working on Wayland.

        The compositor/window manager needs more control to work correctly, and allowing any random app to access anything and do anything is BAD.
        Well, obviously Wayland has some more sorting out to do, otherwise it would have displaced X by now. I was just saying, some people are more forgiving than others about the limitations they will live with.


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          Originally posted by V1tol View Post
          And that's a big win for users. At least someon is working on KWin issues instead of doing redesigns and other very important stuff. I don't care whether my System Settings is a list or icon grid, but I do care when KWin crashes after I exit a Steam game (this does not happen on any other environment on the same system).
          I have around 100+ games on Steam and play often. This has never, to my memory anyway, ever happened to me.


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            Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
            I wonder if anybody is still developing Kmail, at least on my systems it refuses to work with IMAP and Wayland is completely broken.
            Today, at last, Google has solved one important thing:
            “Google has approved KMail access to Gmail via Google Sign-in today”:

            The last PIM report: