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Ubuntu's Mir Working On Replaceable Renderer, Hybrid Graphics Driver Support

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    Originally posted by betam4x View Post
    He's the guy that thinks that GNOME Desktop is the only desktop environment out there.
    Oh, that troll still exists? I guess some trolls just can't help themselves..


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      Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
      The KDE founder went to Nokia serving the Lords of MS
      why you feel this is a zinger worth posting when the Gnome founder literally works at Microsoft is beyond me


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        Terrain map? I've never heard of anyone using that term for a roadmap?...
        It's a terrain map because it's very much not a roadmap. As I said in the post, these are things that we're not planning to work on in the immediate future. I tried to use “terrain map” to signify something higher level than a roadmap; clearly I failed in communicating that.

        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        ...replaceable renderer? Does that mean GPU recovery and/or switching on the fly?
        No, “replaceable renderer” is about shells being able to bring their own rendering/scenegraph library.

        GPU recovery would come under “hot reloading/crash resiliance”. It might be helpful to read the post; it's not very long