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Article topic suggestion: overview of Wayland state

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  • Article topic suggestion: overview of Wayland state

    Hello Michael,

    unless I have missed it, there hasn't been a "state of Wayland" article from you for a long time, and I think this could interest a lot of people. There are many articles that handle Wayland stuff: KDE and GNOME having Wayland-related developments, same for Weston, Firefox, Vulkan and GL stuff... but I find it hard to have an overview (i.e. the big picture).

    Due to Wayland now being a real thing, generally working, but the maturity (completeness, stability) of the ecosystem still being long in the tooth (to many people's taste, including mine), I think such articles could interest a great deal of people.

    And since there is still some way to go until Wayland can really replace X on most desktop systems and becomes the mostly undisputed default choice for doing so, I guess such article could be kind of recurrent (e.g. every 3 months).

    If I have missed something, sorry for that.

    My 2 cents.
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