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Prolific Red Hat Developer Starts Up "Wayland Itches" Project

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    Linux is not windows. You can not do much harm within a user session.
    That's just nonsense...

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      Originally posted by xfcemint View Post
      The applications that are run by different users cannot easily cooperate synergistically. Can applications by two different users share a desktop session? A clipboard? It's the exact opposite of what Weasel claims, running apps as two different users is cumbersome.
      They can share that stuff, but I don't see how it's much of a problem that they can't cooperate.

      You choose to isolate one of them, so it's to be expected. I mean, if you trust it then don't isolate it?

      Better than not even having a choice like in Wayland where isolation is forced.


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        Weasel You seem to be complaining that protection that may be required when you least expect it is being forced upon you. People don't plan to have car accidents and any more than people swing a hammer at a nail expecting it to land on their finger.
        Perhaps we can borrow the analogy of a condom and being allowed to remove it to be with your wife (our metaphor for two trusted applications). Now imagine that your wife is a nurse and caught something at the hospital earlier that day that is highly contagious. Sleeping with her tonight without a condom will surely pass this infection onto you as well.

        Any required interaction between well written apps can be through safe tunnels (pun intended) with no loss in end result; it just needs to be done differently than before.

        "Trusted apps" of the past that turned out to be conduits for infection.
        Microsoft Word + Excel (macros), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Anti Virus update software.....

        The sad truth is most users cannot be trusted to make intelligent decisions for their PC.

        Software that is thought to be safe one day is the conduit of a 0-day the next...

        Perhaps this perspective will help you understand that there is an opportunity here for you to see this step as being one in the right direction.. for the greater good (because infected computers often run computer instructions that spread their infection purposefully with malevolent intent). Nobody wants to be that guy who caught something from his wife; that's not something we are likely to brag about.


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

          Believing that IBM software protects you is stupid. Only protection is the virus scanner.
          Imagining believing that a virus scanner on linux is anything more than placebo