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Fedora 30 Wayland vs. X.Org Graphics Benchmarks On GNOME Shell

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    The default font in the Xfce desktop is larger than in gnome3 and you can navigate to Settings/Appearance/Fonts and set DPI to 192.
    Default font if you install straight from the gnome project is the same size as the Xfce one. Yes ubuntu manages to shot self in foot with it own default theme they apply. Thinking it their default desktop you kind of don't expect them to screw it up this bad but they have. Basically font think its a screw up that is not really main gnome project fault. Of course with distributions you have to expect 1 or 2 errors caused here or there to be a distributions stuff up.

    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    The Whisker menu is freely configurable and used in many distributions. It is in plugins of the Xfce desktop.
    There are third party plugins todo this to the gnome activities menu as well. Remember it a third party part it may not stay perfectly synced with Xfce as it upgrades as well. I like the fact gnome decided to provide a menu editor so you have one. This was annoying when Xfce got rid of their built in.


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      You can not change DPI with gnome3 easily. I did not find settings for that.
      Its hidden way in the pits of dconf hell.

      Also to be horrible part of gnome design is that it include the ability for the package maker to screw up and hard set the DPI some versions of Ubuntu did do this. This is another example of too much flexibility.

      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      Gnome3 extensions are made with javascripit and are slow and use more RAM. Xfce plugins are made with C and are fast and use less RAM.
      This is part right and part wrong. If you read the gnome 3 documentation high suggests they are all javascript. You check out the extension site and it mix of javascript and python inside the extinctions ie some are javascript some are python.

      For a R&D desktop being in javascript/python for quickly and simpler changes to test out ideas is a good thing. But i would also like to see some C based extensions in gnome for reduced foot print. To improve R&D usage I would like to see support for scripting of some form as extension in XFCE.

      One of the interesting things is different parties have been benchmarking gnome3 look for java-script caused performance issues. One of the horrible realities is most of gnomes performance problems are in it C code. Stupid enough it some of the performance glitchs in the C code cause the javascript side to cpu spin and even if the plugin as in C it would be still cpu spin instead of being sane.

      Javascript most likely not helping but its not the be all and end of of Gnome internal problems.

      History of javascript in gnome it was put in to allow rapid prototyping and now it not being friendly. Problem its not just the javascript that is unfriendly. The DPI limitation issue is in C code.


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        So you agree that gnome3 is poorly designed and implemented, buggy, slow, not configurable easily and difficult to use. And it is masochistic to use that kind of a desktop. Let us stop here when we have this agreement.
        We both know that gnome should be as slow as hell. Due to horrible faults. But when you are seeing gnome wayland out benchmark xfce and it due to X11 server there problem xfce people have to admit is there.

        Reality is like or hate wayland it does show some serous problems in the server when a light weight wm on end up losing in particular benchmarks to a heavy wm gnome 3 on wayland.

        Not configurable easily is not exactly right. If you read the this

        Carefully one of gnomes worst problems is the fact is insanely re-configurable easy. You install extension in and it could decide to basically replace all the gnome shell javascript with it own.

        Poorly designed and implemented I have no arguement with. Lot of gnome3 as a R&D is fine as production boy its not suitable..

        Remember gnome 3 installing 1 extension and you can have reconfigured everything this is because the core that describes the interface is replaceable javascript. How often do you really want to change the complete interface in one hit. Most of the time never right. Remember gnome one wrong click on evil extension and you have reconfigured everything.

        Reality here is gnome 3 is too easy to configure totally badly. Too hard to configure exactly right.

        Xfce is not as configurable as gnome3 and this is a good thing. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.
        Xfce is in fact harder to do max reconfigure but simpler to do minor reconfigured. Again this is a good thing prevents you from instantly breaking your world and totally ruining your day.
        Xfce is designed for keyboard and mouse. Xfce not exactly great if you attempt to use it with touch.

        Xfce ok you cannot insanely reconfigure it. Extensions cannot in 1 hit change the world. If there was not the performance problem from the server xfce would be perfect.

        But you cannot keep on just saying gnome is slow when you are going to hit problem that xfce is going to be slow due to server vs wayland.

        The reasons to choose XFCE over gnome.
        1) XFCE is not as configurable as gnome 3 and this good. But what you can configure is easy to find and easy todo with xfce designed in ways not to blow your both feet off like gnome 3 can. Yes gnome3 dconf is really a nightmare along with the javascript reconfigure stuff of gnome 3 are both good ways to ruin your day.
        2) XFCE has lighter memory foot print.

        Those two points are solid points you can keep on winning with.
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