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Cage Is A New Wayland Compositor For Kiosk/Full-Screen-One-App Deployments

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    Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
    I guess kiosk could be useful for my use cases. But author of this thing is clearly insane, demanding python, meson, ninja and so on just to build... one stupid C file!!! The only worse approach to building software I've seen is some high-profile enterprise dev from google, demanding java and gradle to build one C++ file . This thing surely wins 2nd place in this RH-induced build system madness.
    *nod* If you're making something so simple and compact, it seems only reasonable to look up how to use the traditional "everyone who develops has it" ./configure && make && make install approach.


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      Originally posted by xerpi View Post
      For single app full-screen only environments wouldn't it be more suitable to just run over DRM/KMS directly (and maybe use libinput to simplify the gathering of input)?
      Having tried using DRM/KMS directly, I can say that it is a bit of a PITA; though I tend to agree that this is the better way to do things like this. On the flip side, it wouldn't be that hard to put the compositor and the client in the same process, replacing the client library with something that does the same thing while also hosting a compositor in the process.