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Wayland Protocols 1.17 Brings Explicit Synchronization & Primary Selection

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    Originally posted by rabcor View Post
    Also if you were asking me to give examples of applications where I use autoscrolling... 'Office' software, (some)Instant Messaging, PDF readers, and although rare I sometimes use it in terminal emulators.
    Even as someone who regularly uses autoscrolling, I've pretty much never needed it for things like office software, instant messengers, and especially terminals. Autoscroll is impractical for programs where you need to scroll to a precise location, such as the ones you listed. As for PDFs, since modern web browsers can view them, you can easily autoscroll when reading them.
    And no, you are not hearing me. You literally must have not even read what I wrote.
    There's a big difference between not hearing you and disagreeing. You made your points pretty clear, I'm just telling you you're making this seem like a much worse problem than it really is.
    (Read the first half, read it very carefully, because I don't want to have to point it out a third time)
    Yet you decided to just ignore that, of course I'd become hostile if you throw me exactly the bullshit I specifically asked not to deal with.
    Ignoring what? You said to not bring up extensions as a solution. I'm telling you that even in Windows, extensions are necessary for Chrome. How are you not understanding this?
    The fact that middle-click pasting can't be disabled through any simple means is not a non-issue. The fact that there is no proper implementation of autoscrolling in neither evdev nor libinput is also not a non-issue.
    That's because for any normal Linux user, disabling middle-click pasting isn't typically desirable and that's been the case for over 20 years. Therefore, it is a non-issue. The fact that programs that typically warrant autoscrolling supply it (except for Chrome, for whatever reason) makes it a non-issue.
    It might not be something you care about, but you are not the sum of everyone.
    Middle-click paste might not be something you care about, but you are not the sum of everyone.
    Also, I didn't say I don't care about autoscroll. As I have clearly established (are you reading properly?) I also use it regularly.

    Anyway, if you really care so much about removing middle-click paste easily, use Wayland - it doesn't work there. Also in case you're not aware, middle-clicking on the scroll bar tends to be a much better alternative in most applications.
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      Much love for primary selection. It is a feature I miss dearly in Wayland applications. It is a seriously useful feature.