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Lubuntu Planning Switch To Wayland, Porting Openbox To Mir

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    Originally posted by WolfpackN64 View Post

    Why? X.Org isn't running away and Wayland will have matured further by then. Then can take 4 years for all I care.
    wayland has been developed since 10 years ago.


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      Originally posted by Azrael5 View Post

      wayland has been developed since 10 years ago.
      But it only has started to gain real adoption since 2016. A display server protocol isn't something you develop in a day.


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        We already have a few lite wm to work over wayland, like kwin (no, it's not bloated!) and a few others... there was even a discussion about it over the LXQt forum with resource measures (see: ). I don't really see the need to loose more man-hours over it.

        Still, i guess the more options the better...
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          We nerds sit in the background and want the latest and greatest everything, but end users just want their desktop to respond quickly, not crash, and not run down their battery. Sure I'd love to see LXQt to have a bulletproof Wayland implementation tomorrow. But two years or four years or whatever is fine - release when it's ready.

          I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't hate the Ubuntu Unity desktop because it was different. I hated it because the first time it was mostly stable for me was 2014 and the first time it was completely stable for me was 2016 - and it launched in 2010. When a Linux novice asks for a recommendation I usually point them to something with Xfce, because even though it's far behind the best desktops for beauty I have never, ever had it crash or hang.


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            Originally posted by eydee View Post

            It doesn't. Latest official Lubuntu release is using LXDE.
            Yes, but it is the latest with LXDE, from the next version of Lubuntu (18.10) there will be Lxqt!

            I'm using Leap 15 with KDE updated to the latest stable version on Wayland and I'm very satisfied. I can not say that it's ready to be defaulted, there are still some small things to fix, but it works almost all right and I've never had crash problems so far. I think you have to be patient, pushing too much does not make any sense, you only risk adding problems to problems, Xorg works well, so we give the necessary time to distributions and DEs to make a gradual and non-traumatic transition.


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              mir will be used in Mate and cinnamon in future too, maybe after turn canonical a public company they back to unity 8 for desktop


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                Originally posted by guildem View Post

                I think he wanted to talk about Qt Wayland Compositor which is the Qt Wayland implementation for a Qt QML compositor.
                Mir seems to have its way to go, Qt Wayland Compositor allows more flexibility (I think... but someone experimenting with one or another can confirm ?)
                IIRC the Qt Wayland Compositor is suitable for things like an airplane in-seat touchscreen, not a desktop environment.


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                  Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
                  I am assuming an immature API / Wayland is to blame.
                  It's most likely QT. At least LxQT can't use QT on wayland reliable yet so how does Lubuntu want to archive that goal?


                  ... there are even more comments pointing out QT isn't as wayland ready as it wants to be...

                  //EDIT: Also on that bug report they tell why it's a bad idea to port Openbox and show there are already kind of replacement *boxes available (like or ) so Lubuntu devs might want to rething what they are trying here...
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                    Originally posted by andre30correia View Post
                    mir will be used in Mate and cinnamon in future too, maybe after turn canonical a public company they back to unity 8 for desktop
                    Last time I heard Clem talking about Wayland, he was more interested in porting Cinnamon directly to Wayland rather than using Mir in between.

                    Also, Unity 8 needs a LOT of work to make it useable on desktop. I liked it on the Bq Aquaris M10, but it was far from desktop-friendly.


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                      For those that want an Openbox for Wayland in the future, you can contribute to Waybox, it's in very early development, but the main dev is very receptive

                      See more here:

                      Maybe Waybox turns out to be to Openbox what sway is to i3 today.