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Purism Might Develop An X11-Free Wayland Compositor Aligned With GNOME

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    Originally posted by skierpage View Post
    blackiwid, UpsetingFact you both look foolish because you wildly exaggerate the flaws of the desktop toolkit you don't like. Plasma mobile is undoubtedly further along than Gnome on phones and Gnome is in the midst of a transition to GTK4 (and likely a new Gnome shell design), but Purism values having a common environment and toolkit between their laptops and phones more. That's a reasonable basis to make a decision, even if you disagree with it. FWIW Canonical struggled with the same issue and chose Qt QML apps for their phone and an in-house compositor.
    Please pardon me for resurrecting a +1-week-old thread, but nothing is said better than your statement. If you are happy with KDE, use it. If you are happy with GNOME, use it. GNOME and KDE all have flaws and we need to settle our differences and be happy that you chose either GNOME or KDE instead of having an argument and end up fighting each other.

    In my opinion, I don't agree with KWin's server-side decoration as I prefer GNOME Mutter's client-side decoration, because in KDE, I would like the title bar to match with the main theme for any applications and I prefer GNOME's way of theming, since the title/header bar can match well with the main app depending on the theme.

    With that said, I do not want to see the thread run its course as it has since more than a week ago, so please take the GNOME vs. KDE fight elsewhere and stay on-topic.

    I am keeping my eye on Purism Librem 5 and will look forward to see how the development of the smartphone is coming. I downgraded my Android smartphone from 8.0 to 7.1.2 because of the double-notification sound from Twitter (it's not just Twitter and me having the problem) and I don't like adopting to the Oreo's workflow with quick settings in the notification try as I do not like it all-white, so Nougat has a much better look with quick settings. Alas, I did sidetrack myself, but from that point on with not wanting Android 8.0 and later version of Android, I am looking forward towards Purism.

    I don't play games in my smartphone due to my visual impairment, so even though jumping from Android to GNOME or Plasma Mobile (I'm biased towards GNOME since I'm used to the interface, so let's not get into dispute) may seem easy, there may be compromises along the way, such as lack of fingerprint authentication with Enpass Password Manager and Bank of America. Plus, I used Google Mail, Hangouts (for family members using a account with text messaging/video calling), Google Drive, and Google Maps, so I like having to use G-Suite in my smartphone. If I could get my family to switch to Signal, that would be great, but I'd like to avoid switching whenever possible. I will be porting my current phone number out of Project Fi to T-Mobile once my monthly payments for my Nexus 6P is done.