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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not Wayland

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  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not Wayland

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not Wayland

    While Ubuntu 17.10 defaults to using the Wayland session on supported GPUs/drivers when using the default GNOME Shell based session, Canonical has decided for Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" LTS that it will use the X.Org Server by default...

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    Come to think about it, I haven't had an X server crash on me in years... I think it's highly telling that with a Gnome Shell interface the reason for sticking with xorg is that it recovers from crashes better. It's nearly a miracle that it -can- crash an X server. You almost have to misconfigure it on purpose to crash it. Basically ever since Xorg was forked from xfree86 and xorg was configured for automated detection.... It's really hard to crash for a long time.
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      This is the correct decision. All we're talking about here is what option is set by default in a dropdown menu on the login manager. And I tried Ubuntu 17.10 on Wayland using fairly Wayland-friendly hardware and drivers, it was a crash-tastic mess.

      I expect xorg 1.20 will improve the stability of XWayland (which I think are the source of most of my crashes). So until that hits, and considering this is an LTS, they've made a good decision. I use Wayland on Arch and it's much more stable than on Ubuntu on my setup.


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        wayland is not ready. not for work at least. thank god i use xubuntu.. there is just so little that can go wrong on it since all it's going into the gui code is bugfixing from the xubuntu guys.


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          they should back to unity 7 them put a new design and make a new version/fork of unity 8 with wayland and forget this piece of garbage called gnome. Ubuntu 17.10 was the worst ubuntu in 10 years


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            Originally posted by sireangelus View Post
            wayland is not ready. not for work at least
            Trust me, it's even less ready for fun than for work.


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              Right now i have abandonware FGLRX working on kernel next-20180126, only greater than X 1.17 support is still missing

              No Mir, no Wayland even on this LTS... it seems something does not go as planned?

              For 16.04 LTS news was no FGLRX no Mir and for 18.04 news is no Wayland... nothing new happened much really

              And no, i won't be surprised that RHEL 8 does not do Wayland by default
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                For crying out loud. Everyone remember how Mir was supposed to be the default in 14.04? So now Ubuntu is officially at least six years behind in adopting a Mir/Wayland solution (assuming it actually comes in Ubuntu 20.04).


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                  Wayland - shame!!!


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                    This is the responsible decision. Wayland is going to be in "enthusiast preview mode" for at least another two years.