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Vulkan Support Is In The Works For The PPSSPP Emulator

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  • Vulkan Support Is In The Works For The PPSSPP Emulator

    Phoronix: Vulkan Support Is In The Works For The PPSSPP Emulator

    The Vulkan graphics API has been particularly popular with some gaming console emulators from the Dolphin Emulator to RetroArch. The latest emulator now working on Vulkan support is PPSSPP...

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    note that vulkan on windows and android was already supported
    the code is for also supporting linux
    also i was who opened the request for this


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      I wonder if Vulkan would be much of a benefit to pre3D era console emulation.


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        PPSSPP has Vulkan already (at least on Android). If Your device support this API I can recommend this. It's amazing - 15-20 FPS on OpenGL vs 28-30 FPS on Vulkan for me. I don't think if this is needed on desktop, but It's nice to have another option. On mobile there is huge improvement, at least for me.


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          Typo in the short description I didn't notice:

          Originally posted by phoronix View Post


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            I got a bunch of game UMDs that I can no longer play on the PSP because the device is dead.

            And I also cannot play them legitimately on an emulator because the computer does not recognize UMDs...


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              That's sure! The Vulkan support has brought good speed up. Now PSP games run very smooth on Android phones with PPSSPP Emuator

              Enjoy these games!
              Our previously published guide on best settings for PPSSPP for highest performance is being appreciated very well and that’s inspired us to write another post related to it and we …


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                I'm including the link that I've recently found. This tutorial helps a lot to get maximum FPS and performance of this PPSSPP emulator. Must check this emulator.
                This is the most definitive guide that helps you with the best settings to configure the PPSSPP emulator for best performance and achieve the maximum FPS


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                  That's good.


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                    Also this these two resources are good:

                    The updated PPSSPP Settings that speed up performance and achieve 60 FPS easily:


                    And there's the list of most amazing games for PPSSPP: