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Wine Will Be Working On "VKD3D" As A Direct3D 12 To Vulkan Library

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    Originally posted by kenjitamura View Post
    I really hope that Vulkan catches on with Windows game developers enough that this project ends up being irrelevant but I get the feeling it will still be the underdog and we'll go right back to the old situation of DirectX having all the shares with Khronos' offering being completely avoided. I'd have more confidence in Vulkan being adopted if Apple supported it but since that's not the case really the only thing Vulkan has going for it with developers is the fact that it can run on older Windows versions. Something Microsoft is trying to make irrelevant by aggressively pushing W10 adoption.

    Man, I wonder if we'll ever have a world where linux isn't under siege on all sides. With OpenGL the API was treated as a mess by developers but at least it had Apple support for a long time and then Khronos gets an opportunity to throw out all the design cruft and solve those OpenGL problems to be able to say "Hey guys, we've fixed all of OpenGL's deficiencies AND still support all the platforms you want to target". But nope, Apple would have none of that.
    These days you can get the conformance test suites for Opengl, Opengl ES and Vulkan. This allows you to test the Opengl Apple OS X provides against the conformance test suites for the version they claim support and watch it fail spectacularly.

    Opengl has been a mess for a long time with vendors claiming to support X version of Opengl and failing todo so and due to the conformance test suites being under NDA contracts nothing could be published about these flaws. Rules changed with the open sourcing of the conformance test suites.

    Vulkan also applies to Android platforms please remember that as well. Google with Android is demanding Vulkan to standard in newer devices.
    Also welcome to reality kenjitamura. Due to OS X/OSi not include Vulkan by default as game developer you can pay moltengl per copy on OS X/OSi to have Vulkan support on Metal so you don't have to redo your code base. This will make games perform worst on OS X/OSi and cost more on OS X/OSi. Open standard with a Open conformance suite you can double check that a third party providing something has it up to standard. So apple support or lack of support for Vulkan will have very little effect on developer usage of Vulkan api for development to reduce code base.

    So like it or not Vulkan is on OS X, OS I, Android, Linux, Windows and some game consoles. Apple being stubborn at this point is helping no one other than moltengl.


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      I have a feeling that when smartphones breach the teraflop barrier, Google will accidentally release a very fast and cached x86 to arm background transcoder, to use it with Wine.


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        This is great! I want to play the new Age of Empires 4 un Linux.


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          Originally posted by Degra View Post
          Yeah, that's what they allowed to happen with D3D11 support.
          Personally I don't think (and hope) that D3D12 will become as dominant as D3D9 and D3D11 were, but it still doesn't hurt for the UWP ports.
          But do you think that Vulkan will be the new dominat API, or that companies will keep using DX11?


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            Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post

            But do you think that Vulkan will be the new dominat API, or that companies will keep using DX11?
            For the next couple of years, DX11 will be the dominant API.
            Titles, that are built on top of Unreal Engine and Unity3D engine will often feature Vulkan support, especially on Linux, because it comes almost for free for the devs.
            But D3D12/Vulkan support on mid-sized and small-sized budget games with a custom engine? No, the extra amount of work is just too much to justify the extra performance.


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              With Bethesda publishing so many Vulkan games, maybe other studios will realize that the API is a viable choice, which runs well on Windows 7, 8, and 10