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Better Hang Detection For The RADV Vulkan Driver

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    Can't complain here: have not seen many hangs with my RX 470.
    Though I don't update my git drivers very often so that could be the reason.

    Personally, the last thing I want is gpu reset like in Windows Vista+ where Windows would suddenly decide that my driver (nvidia at the time) was too slow responding, reseted it in the middle of a game (which caused aforementioned game to crash 99% of the time) and let it rot in low power (unusable for gaming) state.
    I had to reboot to get the gpu to go back to normal speed.

    So yeah, on Windows, the gpu reset system is more of a problem than a solution in my experience.


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      Originally posted by gurv View Post
      So yeah, on Windows, the gpu reset system is more of a problem than a solution in my experience.
      Seemed to work fine for me when I used anything between Vista and 10 before ditching Windows completely early this year. I was mostly on AMD graphics during that time though, but I got crashes often (mostly due to my overclocking addiction) and the driver would reset just fine in most cases without the need to reboot.


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        Originally posted by haagch View Post
        radeon was able to successfully reset my laptop GPU with most GPU hangs I encountered. amdgpu (at least on Polaris) only very rarely successfully resets. I believe you still have to manually enable automatic gpu reset by booting with amdgpu.lockup_timeout=10000 so it will try to reset 10 seconds after detecting a hang, but you'll usually get bad results, from the monitor not receiving any signals anymore, to it showing a very colorful distorted image to just straight out null pointer dereferences in the amdgpu kernel module.
        Thanks, I was not aware about amdgpu beeing that different to radeon in this regard. I use a Polaris, so this explains why I need to reset if the GPU hangs and at least there is hope to see improvements.