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Rspamd 1.6 Released With Milter & ARC Support

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  • Rspamd 1.6 Released With Milter & ARC Support

    Phoronix: Rspamd 1.6 Released With Milter & ARC Support

    Rspamd 1.6 is now available as the newest version of this widely-used, open-source spam filtering software...

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    Hmm. I'll have to investigate whether rspamd_proxy's new milter support would be flexible enough to add exim to the list of MTAs capable of serving as a backend for a system which rewrites incoming To addresses and outgoing From addresses to use e-mail aliases as revokable, sender-scoped API keys.

    (I like my spam filtering to be comprehensibly deterministic and immune to false positives, even if that means the occasional false negative.), it's just an elegant solution. Sort of like how I reduced the blog comment spam to one of my "send me an e-mail" forms to 1 per year without resorting to a CAPTCHA by refusing to accept posts containing BBcode or HTML link tags. (Once per year, someone sends a spambot wandering through that's so buggy that the spam contains no URLs at all... just a bit of nonsense padding that would normally come before the URL with that kind of spambot, like "srigzpogj"... not that buggy bots are uncommon. My actual blog's spam bin contains spam posts which contain the raw text of the template the spambot was supposed to use to generate the spam.)
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