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More AMDGPU DC Patches Posted As It Looks Unlikely It Will Land For Linux 4.13

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    Isn't Mystro256 building packages off the staging trees ?


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      Originally posted by zanny View Post
      Is there an amdgpu-dc repo for Arch anyone knows of? I'd love to just try it, but the Arch wiki doesn't have one listed.



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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        Isn't Mystro256 building packages off the staging trees ?
        Indeed but only for Fedora though. There's also someone who's doing the same for Debian/Ubuntu:


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          M-Bab Thank you for rolling the 11 staging branch.
          The difference from 4.11.4+ to 4.11.5+ is nice the vulcan error I had with the Talos Principle is gone. I see a Code Guard error (happened with 4.11.4 too)with Serious Sam Fusion but the benchmark runs anyway. It doesn't happen with the generic Ubuntu kernels.

          The best surprise is the constant spam during start-up is fixed, no more kernel: IO_PAGE_FAULT device=01:00.0 (My 1st Fury X ) it was present in 4.11.4+.
          That error is still in today's daily roll of drm/next 4.12.0-996.21706162316-generic_amd64 and all Ubuntu kernels I've tested.

          It's just amazing how everything is coming together. A big Thank You to all the hard working devs.
          Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety,deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
          Ben Franklin 1755


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            DarkFoss Thanks for being a brave tester and user of this bleeding edge kernel. So far 4.11.5+ is working amazingly for me too - it fixed an issue with Tyranny I had since kernel 4.9.13+(!).

            Whenever you notice problems that are undoubtedly linked to the kernel feel free to open an issue on github. Then I try to track it down a bit and report the bug upstream to the AMD devs.


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              So kernel 4.14 or 4.15 or beyond?