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Vulkan 1.0.39 Adds A Number Of New Extensions

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Why are the extensions with methods ending with a number?

    Why are these extensions and not part of the core?

    Vulkan will just be a random collection of extensions?
    If they are extensions, are they optional?
    If they are in the official specification, are they still extensions?

    Is this really a nice API?
    (I'm going by my OpenGL understanding here)

    Because it's easier to create an extension than amending the core spec, so experimental features can be pushed out faster and iterated.

    No, I expected the same model as OpenGL; eventually those extensions that have proven to be useful and have real-world usage will be wrapped up in the next core release.

    Yes, they are optional. In the same sense that version 1.1 is optional as long as you support 1.0. It's not that big of a difference, just semantics.

    Yes, they are. Extensions can be vendor-specific, vendor-neutral or officially sanctioned by Khronos. The main distinguishing feature of an extension is that it is a diff against a core spec version, which enhances it by a smaller amount of functionality.


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      Originally posted by gutigone View Post
      I told you here how useless it was to post an article of "it's been x time since a new vulkan version" and oh look here it is.
      You are cute.. "I told him to stop and he didn't do as I said!" Why should he? You are not even representative sample of Phoronix readers.. Many are actually interested in new versions and what they bring (and do not want to go through changelogs).