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RADV Vulkan Driver Support For Multiple Devices

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    If you're not using Crossfire/SLI for games then you don't need it at all. A lot, if not most GPGPU software doesn't require one giant GPU. Keep in mind, many GPGPU programs are designed to work with server farms, where CF/SLI are physically impossible between computers anyway (like some CAD rendering programs, for example). Many of the ones that don't do that can just run multiple instances with different config files targeting separate GPUs (like many grid computing programs).

    It's definitely pretty awesome to see multi-GPU support come back. AMD hasn't had any realistically usable support for that in years. As for software that doesn't use it, part of me wonders if maybe the implementation of this could maybe work around that and force both GPUs to work anyway. I used to do Crossfire and at least in Windows I managed to have a very smooth experience with it; I could force games to work with it that otherwise didn't support it. Some games were nearly unplayable, but with a few CCC tweaks, they could run fantastic. I didn't install any special 3rd party software, I just used the features the drivers came with and everything worked fine. Sure, some configurations maybe only gave me an extra 15FPS, but that was better than nothing. The problem is people don't feel like spending the time and effort making it work. Multi-GPU (nvidia or AMD) has a bad rap because people are either lazy or incompetent, or expect it to magically double their performance without lifting a finger.


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      Originally posted by Veerappan View Post

      mesa has support for the vendor-neutral dispatch that nvidia proposed a while back.

      Also, vulkan uses a shared vendor-neutral icd loader library, mesa/vulkan ships ICDs for each driver that's built/supported, so hopefully we don't get into the vendor-specific loader mess again.with vulkan
      Thank you, I wasn't sure anymore. I indeed recall reading something like this in the past.