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13-Way NVIDIA OpenGL vs. Vulkan Dota 2 Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by Ehvis View Post
    I think it's much simpler. The 1070 and 1080 are fast enough for Dota2 to become CPU bound again at 4k.
    You totally missed the point; the claim from andre30correia was that the scaling should be fixed by the driver vendor. This game is written using a "Direct3D 11"-like abstraction over the "low level" API Vulkan, so it will most definitely run into bottlenecks in the engine long before the driver.


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      Originally posted by dungeon View Post
      For AMD i think the same, only Fury/X/Nano on 4K - others might be not clear sometimes so vague, leading to false conclusions of 4K
      I think for AMD cards Vulkan will probably be universally faster even at 4K.

      Even though it is now very solid and performant, the Vulkan renderer in Source2 is still considered beta and you don't get it by default. See below Dan Ginsburg's comments on how they plan to make it even faster


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post

        Where am I logging Vulkan frames? or I am not sure what you're after. With the Dota 2 testing, it's just using the built-in exposed info:
        Oh! I had no idea within Dota 2 it could log frames itself. I just assumed it was a universal tool you were using to gather this info. Thanks for the info


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          Michael, could you add FTEQW (with Afterquake addon) to the vulkan benchmarks? It's a quake derived engine with a pretty nice vultan renderer. After quake includes advanced graphics and a common demo for benchmarking, see: