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CryENGINE Is Planning To Deliver Its Vulkan Support In About Two Months

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    Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
    Crytek is bankrupt. Nothing coming from them. Only unreal standing. Valve has imploded and id is no longer open sourcing their engines.
    Valve has imploded?


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      Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
      Crytek is bankrupt. Nothing coming from them. Only unreal standing. Valve has imploded and id is no longer open sourcing their engines.
      * crytek had a rough time, but you don't give your engine away when you're in bad shape - investors (which Crytek do have) would do crazy. They recently announced (at GamesCon 2016) many news games (most of them with a VR version) - "nothing coming from them" is a bit harsh (and largely untrue). See for further information.

      * I tried to find evidence that Valve has imploded, but it seems it has not. Valve still has many, many open positions (something you're reluctant to publish if you are in financial trouble). And Valve has a very, very strong income from Steam games (Steam being the de-facto deployement service for games).

      * Id used to open-source their engine as long as Carmack was working at Id. We had a good time reading his source code, and many games were created using his work. But he no longer works at Id, which has been acquired by Zenimax / Bethesda Softwork. Now, I think BS is pretty solid, and the future of Id Software seems bright (for the moment).

      * unreal is standing ? The Unreal Engine is still going strong, but their royalty-based model is suffering from the concurrence of Unity (no royalty) and Crytek (no royalty). More and more games are using Unity or the CryEngine, and less and less games are using the Unreal Engine (see data here: So far, yes, Unreal (Epic) is standing. But they are hardly the only player in town.

      * I'm not sure that the game industry is limited to the companies you cited. And your comment is quite hard to understand. Besides spreading falsehood, what's your point?


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        Originally posted by LeJimster View Post
        there are lots of games on Linux now, but very few are the most popular AAA titles
        what are you smoking? only 8th and 10th of top 10 most popular games have no linux client


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          Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
          bla bla bla
          and you are idiot from alternative reality


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            Originally posted by pal666 View Post
            what are you smoking? only 8th and 10th of top 10 most popular games have no linux client
            Ah, nice to see that WarFarm is still in top 10. God knows I don't miss it on Linux.


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              I'm not sure this will have any affect on Star Citizen, it seems they've branched far from the stock CryEngine. Luckily it also seems like they're going to have a Vulkan renderer of their own, even if it's unrelated to Crytek's, as they've talked about it multiple times in the last 6 months.


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                This idea that there are only this or that list of engines is sort of ridiculous on a site full of graphics programmers. The upcoming Quake game is not going to based on the same engine as the new DooM game, but partly on this SabreTech engine I've never heard of.


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                  Originally posted by birdie View Post
                  Vulkan doesn't mean Linux games. It means Vulkan.

                  See Doom (4) as an example.
                  yes, but even running in wine this give us much better performance than wrapping DX.


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                    Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
                    What has valve exactly done lately? They haven't been a game company for a long time. That's what I meant by imploded.
                    They simply moved to cash cow titles, like DOTA2, Team Fortress2 and CS:GO, that if you notice are still VERY played and in the top ten of most played on steam.
                    So yeah, most of the content they still make is for them.

                    The trouble with today's game engines is that they are marketing it towards indies, but the engines themselves are created to be used by big teams.
                    The general idea is that indie devs that have success and grow are more likely to keep using the same game engine they used when indie instead of just decide to sink a few hundred millions (they don't have) in making their own game engine first.

                    While big companies that already have and develop their own crappy and unstable shit engines (oh, hi bethesda, hi Egosoft) are wildly unlikely to just drop their shit engines and adopt a modern non-shit engine from outside.

                    Back in the day things were simpler and it was easier for everybody.
                    Yeah, the days men had beards, much body hair and wrote in COBOL in their basements.
                    FYI, back then they didn't have any of the tools or infrastructure or languages or learned lessons we have now, it was still damn hard and risky.

                    Hell Doom has about 30-40k LOC. Unreal Engine last time I checked had 3.5 millions LOC. It's total madness.
                    Considering UE does like a fuckton of things Doom engine wasn't even designed to do, that's an unfair comparison.

                    It's like you compare DOS with Windows 7 and later. So different that it makes no sense.


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                      Originally posted by SaucyJack View Post

                      Aimed? No. Funny story behind that actually. CIG had a fully working linux client in the early days of Arena Commander but cryteks opengl renderer was such shit they couldn't release it. Their code base/engine is still ready for linux, they just need to pop in a renderer that actually works well.
                      Thanks for the info, I'm just jabbering based on things I read years ago, potentially before area commander. I need to catch up on that side.