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Vulkan Support Isn't Yet Ready For Mainline Mir

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  • Vulkan Support Isn't Yet Ready For Mainline Mir

    Phoronix: Vulkan Support Isn't Yet Ready For Mainline Mir

    While originally Canonical was planning for Vulkan support in Mir by Ubuntu 16.04, that didn't pan out and the support for Vulkan continues to slip...

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    AFAIK you have to set up a swapchain for that specific windowing system in your Vulkan app. So if an application only sets up a XCB or Windows Swapchain it won't run on Wayland or Mir.

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      It's purely a priority issue. Working Vulkan support depends on some internal buffer semantics changes, and releasing those changes has been postponed to minimize churn while issues with actual shipping devices are addressed. This is what happens when the best-laid plans meet the exigencies of production.


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        Canonical promises something and doesn't deliver? What a suprise...


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          So sad Ubuntu what a sad let down, promises should be kept Conical.